Research Papers

The British Empire at War Research Group publishes occasional research papers. Titles include (click title for PDF):

Elena Bosch, The Role of Red Cross Aid in the Prisoners of War Camps on the Siam-Burma RailwayBEAW Research Paper, 2 (2012).

Shaun Corrigan, The Generalship of Jan Smuts during the First World WarBEAW Research Paper, 4 (2014).

Ashley Jackson, The Colonial Film Archive and the British Empire at War, 1939-1945BEAW Research Paper, 1 (2010).

Kevin Noles, Recruitment and Motivation of the Indian National ArmyBEAW Research Paper, 6 (2014).

Sue Smith, Quakers and the End of Empire in IndiaBEAW Research Paper, 3 (2013).

Maikel Vrenken,The British and Dutch in the Netherlands East Indies 1945-1946BEAW Research Paper, 5 (2014).

Attempting to steel the morale of the Sri Lankan population, this poster offers a frightening view of what life would be like if the Japanese invaded. Copyright Sri Lanka National Archives.