Anyone wishing to advertise a relevant event or publish a call for papers on the website is welcome to do so. Whether the event involves the British Empire at War Research Group or not, if it pertains to the general topic of the British Empire at war, we’d be happy to carry information. Please contact us.

5-6 November 2015: ‘Military Education and Empire, 1854-1948’, Royal Military College of Canada History Symposium. Conference call

Past events

27-28 March 2015: ‘The First World War: Local, Global, and Imperial Perspectives’, conference, Centre for the History of Violence, University of Newcastle, Australia. Call for papers

24 November 2014: ‘Aspects of the Empire’s Wartime Experience’, BEAWRG workshop at Kellogg College Oxford. 

6-7 November 2014: ‘Turning Point Year: The British Empire at War in 1917’, conference, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario. Call for papers

5 November 2014: ‘The First World War – Perspectives of the Home Front’, conference, convened by Avnish Patel, Royal United Services Institute, at RUSI, Whitehall, London. Includes papers relating to imperial soldiers and home fronts. Conference programme

22-24 August 2014: Centenary History of New Zealand, conference on the First World War, convened by Professor Glyn Harper and Dr John Crawford. Call for papers

14-17 April 2014: ‘1944: Seventy Years On’, an international conference at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, organized by Global War Studies, King’s College London, and RMA Sandhurst. Call for papers

3 March 2014: ‘War, Empire, and Allies: The Second World War in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Beyond’, BEAWRG workshop at Kellogg College Oxford (convened by Ashley Jackson and Jacob Stoil). Programme

29 October 2013: Launch event for Anuradha Bhattacharjee’s ‘Second Homeland: Polish Refugees in India during the Second World War’, Nehru Centre, South Audley Street, London, 6:30pm. Invitation-London event

24 October 2013: ‘Whose Remembrance? Race, Belonging, and the First World War’, King’s College London and the Imperial War Museum event convened by Dr Santanu Das and Suzanne Bardgett. Round table speakers Ashley Jackson, David Olusoga, and Patrick Vernon. Anatomy Lecture Theatre, King’s College London, 8pm Whose Remembrance event

21-22 September 2013: ‘An Imperial World at War’, an AHRC-sponsored conference convened by Ashley Jackson, Yasmin Khan, and Gajendra Singh to be held at Oxford University. Imperial World at War (final programme)

8 July 2013: ‘The Dominions and the Second World War II’, BEAWRG workshop at Kellogg College Oxford (convened by Jonathan Fennell, Ashley Jackson, and Yasmin Khan). Programme

9 May 2013: ‘The British Empire at War in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries’, BEAWRG workshop at Sheffield Hallam University (convened by Bruce Collins, Huw Davies, and Ashley Jackson). Programme

5-7 April 2013: Islands of War, Islands of Memory. Conference in Cambridge convened by Gilly Carr (Cambridge) and Keir Reeves (Monash). Programme

4 April 2013: ‘The Dominions and the Second World War’, BEAWRG workshop at Kellogg College Oxford (convened by Jonathan Fennell, Ashley Jackson, and Yasmin Khan). Programme

17 January 2013: ‘India and the Second World War’, BEAWRG workshop at Kellogg College Oxford. Programme

October 19 2012: ‘The Greater War: Conflict beyond Flanders’ Fields, 1914-1918’, a conference convened by Ashley Jackson and Jonathan Krause (King’s College London) at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. Programme

April 2009: ‘The British Empire and the Second World War’ workshop at Mansfield College Oxford. Programme

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